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The Gundam Barbatos Twill Silk Tie is from our new collection, a cool personalized custom men necktie perfect for both casual and formal occasions with graphics featuring gundam barbatos from gundam collection.

LUXURY MATERIAL - The Quocoa Ties are made of mulberry silk produced only in Spring seasons. Together with refined polyester, it makes the tie one of the lightest.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Handmade by Quocoa artisans, all ties are manufactured to the highest standards.

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Either weddings, meetings, balls or daily uses, the Quocoa tie will shine in every gathering.


Size Chart

Size  Length Width
Narrow 57" / 145cm 2.36" / 6cm
Standard 58" / 147cm 3.35" / 8cm
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Plus, every shipment comes with an insurance policy in collaboration with major credit card institutions including Visa and MasterCard and a unique Quocoa Warranty Identifier (QWI) code, so you don't need to worry about incidents in the production or logistics processes. Shipping and return policy may be found here. If you find it damaged, simply snap a photo of the QWI and the product and file a policy claim here.

Graphic design design text: BARBATOS 7A /GUNDAM ASW G 08 , BARBATOS, 7A, /GUNDAM, ASW G 08, key design elements: Sleeve, Gesture, Font, T shirt, Emblem, Symbol, , Brand, Illustration, Graphics, relevant keywords: , Gundam, , Gundam model, Bandai, 鋼彈, , Mecha Anime, Anime, , relevant pages: Jual Produk Robot Anime Series Termurah dan Terlengkap Juni ..., Jual Produk Gundam Barbatos Series Termurah dan Terlengkap ..., Jual Produk Tshirt Kaos Robot Gundam Termurah dan Terlengkap ..., 机动战士高达/万代HGBD:R 030 敌方核心高达牛高达样式浮游炮配件 ...,

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** sizing will strictly follow the size chart; error in choosing the right size will not be eligible for replacement or refund

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