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The Hero Goko Classic Umbrella is from our newest line for both sunny and rainy days with graphics featuring hero goko from dragon ball (ドラゴンボール) collection.

  • Ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort
  • Withstands strong winds and heavy rains
  • Precision manufactured

This umbrella is perfect for beach, outdoor or garden, blocking both rain and sun.

Superior Handle Design: Ergonomically designed handle shape soothes your restless mood on rainy days. Coupled with dual button design from Germany, the buttons are both easy and enjoyable to press.

Military Quality Frame: We meticulously selected aviation aluminum as the mainframe of the umbrella. Unparalleled strength can withhold more than 300 pounds without deforming. It is also both erosion-resistant and rust-resistant and lasts up to 50 years.

Reinforced Ultra-Fiber Canvas: Weighs at only 30 grams, it shields you from ultraviolet completely. It is also extremely water repellent and never let water drip through.


Size Chart

Size  Height Diameter Length (Folded)
21.2" / 54cm 34.6" / 88cm 11" / 28cm
22.8" / 58cm 36.2" / 92cm 10.3" / 26cm
23.6" / 60cm 38.6" / 98cm 11.8" / 30cm
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Plus, every shipment comes with an insurance policy in collaboration with major credit card institutions including Visa and MasterCard and a unique Quocoa Warranty Identifier (QWI) code, so you don't need to worry about incidents in the production or logistics processes. Shipping and return policy may be found here. If you find it damaged, simply snap a photo of the QWI and the product and file a policy claim here.

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* the number reflects the inventory of materials left to manufacture this product
** sizing will strictly follow the size chart; error in choosing the right size will not be eligible for replacement or refund

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