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The Quocoa Fortnite Classic Hoodie

Just a Llama Fortnite Classic Hoodie

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The Just a Llama Fortnite Classic Hoodie is from our newest line, a simple, comfortable hoodie that shows off what you love with graphics featuring just a llama fortnite from fortnite collection.

  • Ultra-soft cotton and polyester materials
  • Skin Friendly Ultra Comfortable
  • Precision Manufactured
  • Wind and cold resistant, as well as being ultra comfortable

Available in over a dozen sizes, please measure your body and check the size chart before placing your order.


The hood accommodates any shape of heads or any style of hair. It covers your head securely even without strings tied.


Cuffs are super smooth and comfortable. Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies make zero compromises on the stitching, with no line head undone. 


We understand that pockets are an essential part of hoodie experience. You can take anything with you in this spacious pocket, even a cat or a rabbit.


Size Chart

Adult Size

Size  Chest Length
Small 41.7" / 106cm 27.6" / 70cm
Medium 42.9" / 109cm 28.3" / 72cm
Large 44.0" / 112cm 29.1" / 74cm
X-Large 45.3" / 115cm 30.0" / 76cm
2X-Large 46.5" / 118cm 30.7" / 78cm
3X-Large 47.6" / 121cm 31.5" / 80cm
4X-Large 48.8" / 124cm 32.3" / 82cm
5X-Large 50.0" / 127cm 33.0" / 84cm


Youth Size

Size  Chest Waist
Small 27.6" / 70cm 22.8" / 58cm
Medium 29.1" / 74cm 24.4" / 62cm
Large 31.5" / 80cm 26.4" / 67cm
X-Large 33.9" / 86cm 29.9" / 76cm
2X-Large 36.2" / 92cm 31.5" / 80cm