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The Quocoa Halloween Phone Case

Trick or Treat Phone Case

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The Trick or Treat Phone Case is from our new collection, a simple strengthened polyester shock-absorbent case that protects your phone from scratches and impacts, with graphics featuring trick or treat from halloween collection.

  • Ergonomically designed silicone phone case for maximum comfort
  • Premium matte finish not only feels great but also fingerprint-proof
  • Minimalistic design that is easy to clean with a simple swipe
  • Fully encased with precision cut speaker and microphone holes
  • Reinforced corners absorb 95% of the kinetic energy when fallen

This smartphone cover is a perfect gift for family and friends who shares the passion!


Silky Touch

The smooth and soft touch of the silicone outer layer feels great on your hands.

Uncompromising Protection

The liquid silicone protective cover gives the case both a great look and a sound protection. A soft microfiber internal lining absorbs most of the kinetic energy shock upon impacts.

Precision Manufacturing

Tactile buttons with precise cuts gives you both style and convenience. Say good-bye to blocked buttons and ports. The charging port works perfectly with all charging cables from both official and non-official channels.

“Your Model is No Longer Supported”

No more abandoning by the tech giants! Our mobile phone case supports all models from all brands. From extinct Motorolas 10 years ago to this year’s all-new flashy iPhones, we’ve got you covered. We will not let any phone behind, and we promise that.

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