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The Quocoa Snoopy Minimalist Backpack

Car Snoopy Minimalist Backpack

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The Car Snoopy daypack is from our new collection, a light-weight stylish backpack both for school and for outdoors with graphics featuring car snoopy from snoopy collection.

  • Minimalist Design That Weighs Only 6 Ounces (or 170 Grams)
  • Fits Laptops Up To 13" in Diameter
  • IP65 Splash and Dust Proof
  • Ergonomically Designed EPE Cotton Straps
  • Available in 10 Colors Matching All Your Styles

Please check the size chart before placing your order.


Small but capable

The bag fits all your personal belongings. Put your metro card, keys and wallet into the front pocket for easy access while the side pockets can be used to hold drinks, water bottles and umbrella.

hard and durable

We all know how frustrated it can be to break parts of your bag just when you need it the most. The handle is both minimalist and made of durable materials. The zippers are smooth and refuse to stuck. Premium buckles sustain wears well.

Hand-made with precision

All our bags are hand-made by our artisans. Our quality control mechanisms ensures that your bags are precision manufactured, satisfying standards up to 4 sigmas.

Size Chart

 Size Width Length
Standard 8.86" /22.5cm 13.4" /34cm 5.12" /13cm