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The Tiger Holding A Bell Dressed As Santa Hardside Luggage is from our newest line, a personalized suitcase that goes wherever you go with graphics featuring tiger holding a bell dressed as santa from christmas collection.

  • 100kg maximum load
  • Precision manufactured
  • Made of hardened plastics
  • Fits all your needs

Available in 2 sizes, make sure you choose the right one.

REINFORCED HANDLE - Burtier's patented technology transformed the handles one of the sturdiest in the world. At maximum stress under normal uses, the far end of the handle waggles by 0.58" (or 1.5 centimeters).

STRENGTHENED COIL ZIPPER - Redesigned from the scratch, the coil zipper on Burtier suitcases are both smooth and strong, saving you from securing your personal belongings from brute force.

ULTRA SOFT HANDLE - The handle is made of special soft rubber. It delivers superior grabbing experience by allowing fingers sink into the handle and distributing the weight evenly on all fingers.

DUAL DAMPING WHEELS - The dual wheel design makes it even harder to crack and comfortable even in off-road situations. The damping feature cuts the vibration from ground to your hand, making traveling experience much more enjoyable.

Size Chart

Size  Length Width Height
16" 16" / 40cm 9" / 24cm 17" / 42cm
20" 14" / 36cm 9" / 24cm 22" / 55cm
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Plus, every shipment comes with an insurance policy in collaboration with major credit card institutions including Visa and MasterCard and a unique Quocoa Warranty Identifier (QWI) code, so you don't need to worry about incidents in the production or logistics processes. Shipping and return policy may be found here. If you find it damaged, simply snap a photo of the QWI and the product and file a policy claim here.

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* the number reflects the inventory of materials left to manufacture this product
** sizing will strictly follow the size chart; error in choosing the right size will not be eligible for replacement or refund

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